NEW Logitrans level control with very easy programming

Get a constant working height – great relief for the back and shoulders of the operator!

”We have carried through further developments of our present level control! It is now much easier to program the different functions, and the dimensions of the control box are smaller, ensuring more space for operations. Our level control is now much more user-friendly!”

Gitte Kirkegaard, CEO at Logitrans

The level control from Logitrans can be set to lower the forks when goods are placed on the pallet and to lift the forks when goods are removed. By signal from a sensor, the level control automatically keeps the forks at the requested working height and ensures a constant and ergonomically correct working position for the operator. The equipment can be fitted on Logitrans highlifters and stackers (both on painted and stainless products).

The sensor has a range of 2000 mm and can point along the pallet or across it.

Focus is put on safety, and the level control can only be used when the truck is braked. A flashing lamp indicates sensor activity, i.e. the operator and others can see that the equipment is operating. To protect the feet of the operator, a safety switch ensures that the forks cannot be lowered to more than a certain level. The clearance between floor and underside of a pallet or forks will never be less than 120 mm. The equipment offers a further advantage: For the convenience of the operator, it can be fitted on either the right or left side of the truck.

“The level control helps maintaining a good and comfortable workplace where ergonomics, operator safety and company efficiency are in the focus. The equipment is perfect for companies where goods are stacked and handled manually on pallets, e.g. in the printing industry and woodworking factories”

Gitte Kirkegaard

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