Silent shopping and handling of goods

- improving the customer experience

The Danish supermarket, Kvickly, was experiencing a lot of noise while transporting goods placed on pallets around their stores. The supermarket wanted to offer their customers as nice and comfortable a shopping experience as possible, and the noisy transport of pallets and crates was not in compliance with this wish.

It was necessary to transport goods around the supermarket and fill up the shelves during the day, in order to provide a fresh and abundant selection of goods at all times. The supermarket needed a quiet solution for this task.

Kvickly was equipped with a special designed pallet truck, whose purpose was to be quiet. The truck has special wheels, which secure a smooth and quiet transport of pallets and crates around the supermarket. The store manager is very happy with this solution that has made his wish for a quiet and peaceful shopping experience a reality.

“We always focus on the comfort and well-being of our customers. We want to provide our customers with a quiet and peaceful shopping atmosphere; Movement of pallets and stock should not cause inconvenience. We understand very well, why Logitrans has named the pallet truck "Panther Silent"; As a matter of fact – it IS silent!"

Peter Lauritzen, Store Manager


  • Silent transport of pallets and crates
  • Better working environment
  • Improved customer experience
  • Optimised efficiency and flow in providing fresh goods
  • Transport of both pallets and crate boxes

"Panther Silent has also solved another noise problem. We receive many goods in crate boxes with wheels, and when empty, these make so much noise that people stop talking! Now we transport the empty crate boxes on the Panther Silent."

Peter Lauritzen, Store Manager