Handling of goods in the pharmaceutical industry

- high hygienic standards and efficient lifting

The hygienic standards are high in the pharmaceutical industry. It is often crucial that the environment is kept clean, and that the equipment used is bacteria resistant, of high quality and easy to clean.

The Laboratory Serozym in France needed a solution for handling goods. They needed a highlifter that could live up to their strict hygiene standards and transport and lift pallets into an ergonomic correct position to secure the employees good working conditions and prevent injuries and strains. The solution needed to be acid-resistant and easy to keep clean to prevent contamination of the disinfected environment at the laboratory.

To obtain the best solution for the pharmaceutical industry, the highlifter for Serozym was made in the highest quality stainless steel, had closed forks and a minimum of cavities to prevent contamination from the floor. Likewise, the highlifter was fitted with anti-static wheels in order to prevent problems with static electricity caused by the painted floors.

Important reasons for using the stainless highlifter:

  • Easy-to-clean construction
  • Acid-resistant chassis
  • Documented choice of materials
  • Low maintenance costs and long operating life
  • The surface is treated, so that it is smooth and resistant of bacteria and Vira
  • Product development in cooperation with customers within the industry
  • No particles can fall off the product and into the goods 
  • Ergonomically correct working position
  • High efficiency
  • High level of work satisfaction and few sick days
  • Optimum flexibility: operators themselves can transport and lift
  • Good working position for machine operation, packing, etc.
  • Moving goods to and from pallets is efficient and flexible
- when you need that extra quality to keep it clean!

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