Metal company is tilting goods 90 degrees

- Increasing efficiency and safety

A German metal company wanted to optimise the effectivity and safety in their workflow. The company produces pipes, which are coiled and needs to be handled with care.

The customer needed a machine to grab the heavy coils of pipes from the production machine and tilt it 90 degrees for the further working process. To solved this, the company was equipped with a customised tilter, where the forks are replaced by two short rubber covered holders. Furthermore, the fork carriage is widened and fitted with a rubber plate to protect the valuable goods.

For a special handling situation like this, it was crucial to customise and adjust the solution to the specific requirements and needs of the company. With this customised tilter, the customer experienced an increased workflow efficiency, better safety, fewer sick days a general improvement of their working environment and ergonomics. 



  • Increased efficiency in the work
  • More satisfied employees and less days lost through sickness
  • It fulfils the requirements concerning working environment
  • The Logitilt is the only truck in the market, which both lifts and tilts
  • Optimum product safety
  • Can be delivered with manual or electrical lifting and tilting
  • Low maintenance costs and a long operating time
  • Short overall measurements and compact construction
  • Can be delivered in a stainless model, and with straddle chassis
  • Assisted wheel steering on the one wheel ensures a high manoeuvrability
  • The tilted working height can be adjusted from 750 to 950 mm - both standing and sitting work is therefore possible
  • Remote control: tilting function can be controlled from working position
  • Handle can be turned to the side to give free access to the box opening