Deknudt has found a way to handle their fragile designer mirrors carefully and effectively

- a simple solution that makes great changes.

With roots in history, but eyes on the future, the Belgium mirror maker brand Deknudt knows when it is time for a change...

Who is Deknudt Mirrors?

Deknudt Mirrors designs, develops and produces premium, precision crafted mirrors for private customers and businesses. The family-owned company has since 1946 excelled in designing functional and decorative mirrors with unique designs for great interiors.

The delicate glass designs are at the heart of the company, and their mission through generations has always been to offer the customer a fresh, eye-catching and high-quality mirror.

However, a production facility with such heavy and fragile goods is difficult to run in a safe, smooth and efficient way. But with more than 70 years’ experience, the company knew it had to work smarter, to keep the workers safe and boost productivity.


“These rotators are a vital part of our production and processes. We have never looked back." - Management at Deknudt


The manual load in the production was ready for action

Previously, the workers at Deknudt Mirrors would have to manually tilt the different types of double-sided mirrors and place them in big boxes. The mirrors, of all shapes and sizes, are heavy and extremely fragile, so packing had to be done very carefully.

To do this, the mirrors had to be tilted to a 90° rotation, which caused a very bad working posture and put a lot of strain on the backs of the workers.

Such repetitive, static work is very harmful to the workers, and in combination with the awkward way they were tilting and sliding the mirrors into the packaging, the work process was neither very productive nor very considerate in terms of taking care of your employees.

The management knew they had to change this scenario, but they did not know the specific solution yet.

A simple solution with great impact

In 2016 Deknudt decided to look for a solution. During this search they came across Logitrans.

They realised that Logitrans’ rotate and turn solutions could help Deknudt succeed in their two main criteria: eliminate the risk of strains on the workers and improve the work process.

Together with our partner in Belgium, they found a match in form of a rotator. The rotator lifts the boxes to an ergonomic working height, after which the operator decides to what extent the box should be tilted. This solution not only solved the ergonomic lifting problem, it also gave a boost to efficiency and productivity, as the slow manual lifts and tilts were replaced by this machine-drive manoeuvre.

In addition, due to the precise movements of the rotator, the fragile mirrors can be handled as gently, respectfully and carefully, as needed.

... but change does not come over night

Breaking habits remains a difficult practice, however. And in the beginning, both management and the operators were sceptical about the solution that was offered. Nevertheless, they decided to give it a chance and purchased one machine. No one really wanted to use the new equipment, though - it was a new way of working, and they did not see the value of its functions.

However, as soon as they got started, they could immediately see and feel the benefits themselves from working with the machine, and all prejudices were history. 

The beginning of excellent cooperation

It is now 2022 and the production is equipped with four rotators that ease the work of the operators.

These rotators are a vital part of our production and processes. We have never looked back. They not only give us better working conditions and improved ergonomics, but also increased efficiency. This purchase confirms the value of investing in ergonomics. Our employees are the foundation of our success, and we need to take good care of them. - Management at Deknudt


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